Brosix- effective and safe way to communicate with your business partners, colleagues and managers

Brosix is a program for exchanging messages. It represents a private closed network which offers a variety of functions.

If you want to provide protected and quick communication with your business partners and your team, Brosix can ensure you. The company is created to help and support the associations and their business communication. Security private network allows you to feel calm and confident in the reliable of the system.

Brosix is a perfect solution for companies, which the security is a priority, offering a high level of encryption for every communication channels. Each of the private networks is managed by an administrator, whose first task is to create accounts for their users. In this way, the person in charge will be able to control the numbers of the participants using Brosix on their network. Also, this person has access to the chat history of the users, which allows holding direct control over their work. The administrator may exclude features for everyone or for an individual person, which can give results of their effectiveness. Control of chat rooms is the latest innovation, Brosix include in the recent updates. So, it’s possible to close existing rooms permanently or for a certain period of time, locate the count of participates or add new ones. The work of the administrator is performed by a special control panel, which is easy to use and multifunctional.

In addition to what has been listed so far, Brosix has other advantages over its competitors as far as the functionality of the application is concerned. For example, data transfer is done directly using P2P technology, which is the surest way to send files between two or more parties in the conversation. There is no limit to either the size of the files and documents sent or the number of files.

Brosix is a large and established company with a lot of clients and users. They choose us – Tendrik to take care of the site upgrading, for the new vision and Facebook campaign.

Here are some of the process we had done for this project:

  • Redesign of the logo– As we know, the first impression is the most important. When we open internet page- on online shop or website, the first thing that grabs our attention and makes us remember a brand, is the logo. We care to provide Brosix, the logo that can be liked and instantly remembered by users.
  • In addition of redesign the logo, Tendrik take care for redesign some of the pages. We kept the main idea, but we developed it. In this way, we attach a modern and fresh view of the site.
  • Facebook pixel– we help Brosix to has more information about every user and their behavior on the website.
  • We create infographics– we have graphically visualized data, processes, statistics that users can get a clear and visual idea of the information.
  •  We add reconfirm page with the purpose to relieve the users and to help them to register easily and seamlessly.
  •  For the past years, social networks are the main factor in online business. Tendrik help for one good Facebook advertising campaign, which is used for a long term.

Every day Tendrik helps its clients to successfully develop their business. If you want to reach the peaks you only dream about, you can look at the SERVICES our company offers.

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