Content is King! Quality content, useful articles and well-targeted marketing messages to your clients could transform your online business from “just good” to “an outstanding performer”. But creating well-structured and optimized content for the web and different customer groups is not an easy job to do. This is why you’ll need experienced professionals, who can step up and take the responsibility for developing your brand’s online reputation.

What is copywriting?

Copywriting is a term, widely used in advertising and public relations (PR). It means creating high-quality advertising or presentational content, which perfectly translates a certain marketing message of your business – regardless of whether its targeted towards a certain product, service, cause, movement, NGO, etc.

Thanks to the copywriting professionals (copywriters), we see such targeted marketing content all the time – through TV, radio, social media, online news outlets.

What does a copywriter do?

For many, the copywriter is merely an anonymous author behind an online article or the basic content of a webpage, both used for advertising purposes. But even though this is one of the copywriter’s responsibilities, such a role is far from completely defining their job.

As a matter of fact, the copywriter is the blacksmith of your advertising speech. The copywriter doesn’t only write down words, which fit your campaigns, but they also give new and fresh ideas that bring your marketing strategies to life.

Probably, you’re now asking yourselves “What else a copywriting can do?”. Here’s a short list:

  • The copywriter is an advertiser;
  • The copywriter encourages your potential clients to check out your products and services;
  • The copywriter makes you brand to get more public attention;
  • The copywriter is the modern-day online journalist;
  • The copywriter writes only for their client, completely immersing themselves in their client’s business, products and user experience, which the copywriter can later transfer to the targeted audience;
  • The copywriter executes every business plan in an original and captivating way.
  • The copywriter is one of the creative responsible for the execution of every online marketing or SEO strategy

Creating unique online content for your business I strongly recommended, and the copywriters will be the strong link between you and your targeted audiences.

Why do you need copywriting?

Copywriting holds numerous advantages for your business or online store. In terms of SEO, your copywriting efforts can increase the authority of your website by provide useful information to your clients and ultimately strengthen and improve your Google rankings.

Copywriting is a fundamental part of your blog strategy. What’s a blog? The blog is your mini rock stage on the Internet, where you can speak your mind, talk about what you’re keenly interested in, or give your point of view on a very specific and important topic.

Having a corporate blog incorporates a few key advantages:

  • It offers interesting and valuable content for your clients, which will enhance your image as an expert among your target audience. The blog (just like social media) is here to improve your online reputation, and the effects of your blog strategy are going to be long-term.
  • A business that blogs has 55% more traffic to their website, which means a higher online visibility from more potential clients that can easily translate into a greater number of conversions and online sales.
  • Your corporate blog is among the very few channels, which you can directly control and where you can efficiently speak out your advertising messages to your clients.

Do you need a professional, who can create the iron sword of your marketing strategy? Do you want to enhance the strength of your brand? Do you want to make your digital marketing strategy more successful?

Our professional copywriters can me the digital orators, who would guarantee the online success of your business.

What does Tendrik offer?

The copywriting services of Tendrik include (but are not limited to):

  • Writing articles with different length for your corporate blog;
  • Writing content for your products and information pages in your website or online store.
  • Creating a content marketing strategy for your website;
  • Guest blogging;
  • Monitoring and analysis of achieved results from created content.

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