What is marketing for the social networks?

Marketing for social networks will help you control, manage, and monetize your online communication and online platform activities. It is both art and science. Its theoretical and technical part derives from the fact that the marketing specialists should know the subtleties and ways of communicating with any social network to "fit" the elements of the communication mix so as to achieve maximum efficiency. The creation of quality content in social networks is a extremely creative activity. Whether it's text, audio, or static/dynamic visual content, you'll have to catch up for a lot of work if you want to engage your targeted customers by adding value to them through a content. And it is highly recommended that you aim precisely at that because otherwise, your brand will remain unnoticed

Social networks are means of communication. They can also work as one-way mass media (just like television and radio), but only if the creative, target group and frequency of use are properly optimized. But perhaps the best (or worst) side of social networks is that their communication is a two-way street. That's why social networking is a key point to your marketing strategy. If it is suitable for the selected audience and social platform, you will be successful and generate additional business value. If not, you will lose money, reputation and customer loyalty.

The benefits of properly performing marketing on social networks:

  • Better connection and communication between you and your clients;
  • An easier way of reaching to new users;
  • The real opportunity for ordinary users to become loyal clients;
  • A popularization of your activity with small investment;
  • Tool for building a positive online reputation;
  • Opportunity to inform the users about our activity and development;
  • Opportunity to distinguish competitors and tilt the scales in your business benefit;
  • Provides easier access to you and your company.

Creating a unique online content and it’s necessary and recommended for your business, and the copywriters, which you work with, are the connection between you and your audience.

How the marketing on social networks helps for my business?

Social networks are one of the most powerful and successful ways of reaching the users. They can use almost every day. They return to one of the most effective communication channels nowadays. The marketing on social networks is an important part of the modern digital marketing mix. We will highlight some of his advantages:

Rising the popularity of the brand and stimulate the market searching.

To be where your clients are (on social networks) can drastically improve your marketing strategy- your potential clients could have the opportunity to know your company, brand, and products. This will give the opportunity to convince them that your offers and promotions could be valuable completion in their life.

Increasing the traffic and conversions in your website and improving your SEO optimization

Social networks are one more opportunity to engage your audience, to bring them to your website and to convert their visit into a product. Positive signals on social media (likes, shares, comments and etc.) can bring to marketing on the Internet- this brings to double profits from pay advertisings. Also, they would have suggested to Google that your brand is important, serious and could deserve higher rating and ranking in SERP.

Improving the activities in every other marketing channels

Social media doesn’t work independent or isolated from other tools and elements in the marketing mix. Many companies use social networks to promote another part of their marketing strategy. They do that to increase sales and to support or reinforce presence in other marketing channels. Coordinated marketing messages across channels allow professionals to engage in integrated dialogues with their target audiences that are sustainable over time.

Tendrik will help you to plan and realization on marketing in social networks.

The services that we offer for your business are:

  • Facebook marketing;
  • Installation of Facebook pixel;
  • Instagram marketing;
  • Creating a professional profiles on social networks (FB, Instagram, G+, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn);
  • Comprehensive campaigns and SMM management.

Our responsible and well-trained team will explore your competitors and target market. In this way, we will start the development of the next strategy for marketing on social networks. After we mark most appropriate platforms, we are going to set clear goals and create enough capacity of quality content, which engage your audience and increase your online sales.

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Social Standard



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Social Enterprise


Number of the maintained profiles* 1 Up to 3 Up to 5 Up to 10
Total mumber of the publications per month** Up to 12 Up to 30 Up to 50 Up to 80
Social Media Planning
Daily reports for the activity
* In the absence of social media profiles, we will create them and will prepare the designs for the profile picture and cover.
** Includes preparation of design for 50% of publications;
any additional post will be paid according to the price list
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