The video is an indisputable marketing tool. Through it, you can reach your customers at many different levels that ordinary content could not manage; you can show the human face behind your brand but more importantly – the human relation.

If you want your customers to fall in love with you, in your cause or business - share videos with them!

What is the video marketing?

Video marketing is when you are using videos for your communication strategy in order to promote your brand. It is one of the tools that attract the attention of consumers. When we watch a video, we immerse ourselves in the content that forms an immutable connection between us and the screen. If you want your users to "connect" more easily to your brand, then you should create video content. It is much easier for us to connect emotionally with something that we see in a video than with something we read about in an article. According to the Online Publishers Association, 80% of the people remember a full video ad which they have seen in the last 30 days. Even only this result, combined with the impressive statistics from ComScore research, which shows that 64% of people are more likely to buy a product or use a service after watching videos on the subject, speaks enough about the power of video marketing.

Video content is important to business.

The video is the future of content marketing. 2016 is called "The Year of Video Marketing" - businesses continue to invent new and innovative ways to use this tool in order to reach their customer niche. Whether it's on YouTube, Instagram or integrated with your content, the video (according to Usurv research) is the easiest way to engage and make users interact with you. Users are 39% more likely to share video content than text content. It has 36% better chance to get more comments and 56% to get the coveted "like". YouTube is currently the second largest search engine in the world with more than one billion unique visitors each month - more than any other marketing channel (except Facebook).

Until years ago, nobody really noticed the power and importance of video marketing. However, this is changing rapidly with every passing second. By the end of 2017, it is believed that the video will be accounted for approximately 69% of the total user traffic.


Why video marketing should be part of a business’ marketing strategy?

Here are some reasons why video marketing is so important to the business development and why it should play a major role in your marketing strategy.

  • Improved SEO performance - Google “adores” video content. According to ComScore, adding video to your web page increases its chances to be shown on the first page of the search engine by 53 times.
  • Accessibility – Back in the days, it required a huge investment in order to create/film a video. Production of a video content is much more accessible nowadays. With the right technique, you can make videos by yourself. However, many companies offer normal prices for such a service.
  • Better emotional connection - We will not get tired of repeating it! The video is the most powerful and appropriate tool to trigger an emotional response.
  • More conversions - 71% of marketers claim that video performs better in terms of conversions than any other content.

The added value of the video

Video sharing recreates emotion with which you touch the hearts of the customers.

Let's back it up – no one suspected that within 10 years the big companies will have teams responsible for social networks only. Yes, but right now these employees are the most valued. If we follow the trend, it is a matter of time for the teams responsible for video marketing to become an essential unit for each company.

Investments in your business future should be a major thing to you in order to develop your company. The mass market has already been digitized, with new updates coming out every day. What is lacking in online businesses is physical contact – to touch the products, to make a connection with a business, with people. Introducing video content to your customers, shortens the internet distance between you. Publishing videos constantly will better the engagement of your customers to your business and they will gain interest in the benefits offered. That’s how you form an emotional connection.

With the help of video marketing you have the opportunity in an attractive way to:

  • Provoke discussions that are related to your business;
  • Entertain;
  • Educate the users by presenting interesting information related to your activities;
  • Show who you are and what you are doing - such as an interview with the manager or the company staff;
  • Provoke engagement and mentioning in posts, or comments.

How Tendrik can help your business?

The video is an indisputable marketing tool. It attracts the attention of your customers, connects with the right users, leads to a strong feeling of commitment and engagement, and enhances the online presence of your business. With the help of video, you will show the “human” face of your business and you will build trust.

What Tendrik offers you is a set of consistently related services for building your authority through videos:

  • Creating a short promo video with your company logo;
  • Providing the necessary equipment for videos and a team for the shooting;
  • Select relevant video ideas related to your business and writing a scenario;
  • Full service for the process of filming (with or without actors);
  • Video editing;
  • Creating profiles on YouTube, VIMEO, VBOX7 - Tendrik will create them by designing the required images and writing the short descriptive texts (up to 150 words);
  • Publish and promote videos on video sharing sites.

Video marketing is a marketing tool that needs to be managed properly. If you use it as part of your communication strategy, you will notice a significant increase in the trust in your business and brand. That is why planning the right steps and analyzing your customers' reactions is so important. However, the implementation of this process will be truly successful with your help – for our formulation of ideas, we will need information about your company’s history and the peculiarities of your niche. The rest is a "creative magic".

After the creation of a unique video content comes its promotion in the social media. Social networks are the most effective channel for direct communication between you and your customers. In order to increase the brand's popularity and the engagement of your customers, the safest step you can take is to combine video marketing with social media marketing. For example, Facebook automatically plays the videos on your news feed, which is one of the many benefits of the "blue" network.

With our help, planning and managing your social media channels, combined with targeted video content, will build the desired positive reputation for your brand and business in the digital world.

If our services are of interest to your business, we will be happy to respond to your inquiry.