Gorilla Onboard- The dynamic and innovative website, developed by Tendrik

Gorilla Onboard is a company dealing with web decisions for people and their online business.

The opinion of the clients is important for the company and they carefully choose and select details for every project. To successfully starting and developing the clients’ idea, the company offer a lot of services. Gorilla Onboard provides end-to-end support for marketing, sales and service processes at key contact points in the IT channel. To distinguish from your competitors, Gorilla Onboard chose Tendrik to make a dynamic, modern and Impressive website.

Gorilla Onboard is a recognizable brand all over the world and developing successfully on the global online market. Using their services, you will be different from your rivals. Inspired by “the different”, we from Tendrik, started making the site with developing a custom theme. We built a personalized theme based on a specially prepared design from them. Тhis attached individuality and Gorilla Onboard have distinguished themselves from other websites.

The theme is extremely important for the users’ first impression. This grabs their interest and the chance to use the services or buy a product is increasing. We succeeded to make a theme, which attracts attention and this would lead to an increase in company earnings.

To be up-to-date, we from Tendrik, used the WordPress system to develop this extremely untraditional and spectacular website.

To be closer to the clients, we create for Gorilla Onboard the option to add articles and case studies. Through the page “articles”, the clients informed with the newest and useful news and services related to the company. On the page “study case” we create sections visually present different cases by the interesting and efficient way.

Screenshot- Горила

Tendrik took care to make easier the site’s users. This was done by adding the “tag filtering” feature. We’ve added tags for articles and case studies, so users find the information they want quickly and easily.

All this contribute to pleasure the users experience and the users feel satisfied with the opportunity to get easy and comfortable access to everything they care about.

One of the most attractive functions is the page of adding job’s ad. We developed a module, where you can see all the spots in the world. These spots show the places the company has offices. If there is an available position, the users can see the marked vacancy and view their exact location.

Like we said at the beginning, the main priority of the Gorilla Onboard, is the client. The company cares about the clients a lot. Fast communication and the loyalty of the clients are very important to the company. Tendrik creates practical and comfortable form through which clients can contact the company. Through this form, Gorilla Onboard offer immaculate support to clients in over 50 languages and 38 countries all over the world, while working with a platform for matching real-time analytical data.

Screenshot- Горила 2

All of this functionalities happened thanks to integration with Sharp Spring, which we made. One modern module, which big and small business save time and money. With the Sharp Spring integration, you can take advantage of different positivity’s. Through this module, you identify more qualified potential customers, increase the conversion of these customers and increase your revenue.

This site becomes one of the favorites for everyone in Tendrik. We developed it by one breath and focus on the smallest details. If you want to be different from your competitors and to emphasize on your online business, you can open HERE and read more about our services.

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