Kooky – the fun and educational method to learn new and interesting facts

Kooky is a new start-up company with ambitions for success and development, which aims to present facts focused on people of all ages in an interesting and attractive way.

This project is the first one to be done in Bulgaria, and with a lot of enthusiasm, we from Tendrik accepted to become part of it.

Kooky is a magical place to find an adventurous way to entertain yourself and your children. You will find tasks in it that will acquire new knowledge. One of the most interesting things in Kooky is the boxes full of surprises, games, and tasks. In addition to purchasing Kooky boxes and subscribing to them, you can buy original and colorful accessories for your travel, and fun, educational books for your kids.

For this project, we used the OpenCart platform to build it. Kooky gave us the catchy and fascinating designs that were made specifically for the site. Their desires and demands overlapped thanks to our teamwork.

To entertain users on the site, we added the “Next Destination” and “Next Topic” features. Through them, anyone can track past themes and destinations on the site. And each subsequent step with a question mark is the new topic or destination. Anyone who has subscribed will receive directions and curious facts that will lead him to the correct answer. This feature makes it easy for users and their experience become enjoyable and comfortable.

Customer relationship has always been an important part of building long-lasting relationships. Kooky had made the design of the contact form page that makes people to easily contact and freely ask questions that interest them.

For login and registration, as well as for buying goods and products, consumers are always looking for the easiest and most convenient way to do so. We have made this possible by creating the “checkout box” and “user” buttons that are accessible and easy to see by users. They are in the form of icons to be visible and to be noticed by curious little kids who help their parents buying another interesting commodity from Kooky.

For all inquisitive users, which we are sure are a lot, we from Tendrik, added social networking buttons. There, everyone can freely examine and get acquainted with everything that interests them about Kooky.

In order to ensure a good start, we also used initial SEO optimization – here we have optimized the speed of the site when loading all pages, creating a unique title and description of all pages with relevant keywords and making the site more visible on the web.

It was a pleasure for us to start a project on education for people of all ages. We are always open to new challenges and to help people that we see development potential. You can look at the SERVICES we offer and if you find Tendrik for a partner to build your business, do not hesitate to contact us.

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