CASE STUDY:Facebook and Google Ads for Lingerie Online Store

Undoubtedly, one of the most competitive businesses in the field of e-commerce is selling clothes. However, this does not mean that good results cannot be achieved. We created this case study to prove it. See how we achieved great results in a year, with a small budget, in a niche even more specific than dresses, blouses and pants – lingerie.1

How did we start working together?

Dafi fashion is a Bulgarian lingerie brand. All of their products are made in Bulgaria and are sold both in physical stores and in their own online store. The main activity of the company is the production of quality but reasonably priced lingerie and children’s underwear, pajamas, nightgowns and other knitwear. The company offers a wide variety of models and sizes. All products are certified and meet the Bulgarian and European quality standards.


 Facebook и Google Ads

We started working with Dafi fashion in April 2019. The client had only a Facebook business profile and the results were not satisfactory enough as they were only boosting their post. Two months later, after showing good results on Facebook, albeit with a limited monthly budget, we also offered advertising on Google as an appropriate channel in this industry. Of course, our client trusted us completely, and we have started Google ads campaigns in July.

The first thing we did was to analyze  the main  competitors on the market. After that, we have put together an appropriate strategy, including different types of ads and campaigns. After making all the necessary business settings, we set up a Google Analytics account to constantly analyze our client’s results. We’ve also set up ecommerce to track orders. We also created Tag manager to track site events which means to track site users, conversions and orders, both from Facebook and Google.

What have we done to improve the results?

  • We first started with website traffic campaigns and Facebook page promotion ads to reach an audience;
  • After setting all the important tracking goals, we created different campaigns to achieve conversions – Purchase, Add to cart, Started Checkout.
  • We created many audiences – retargeting, lookalike.



Facebook ads

If we compare our work in the first months of 2019 and the first months of 2020, we observe 110% sales growth throughout the website. In June, we achieved a high Conversion rate – 2.31%, which is a very good result on Facebook. We made a comparison to seasonality. We tracked sales in February 2019 (before the customer started working with us) and February 2020. We see 143% growth in sales in one year. We increased the advertising budget by 50% in February 2020, after good results over the previous few months.

How did we achieve these results?

  • We set up ads for different purposes – Purchase, Add to Cart, ViewContent;
  • We optimized the campaigns daily;
  • We tested different audiences, created new ones, changed designs, used different formats, changed texts.

What have we achieved for an year?

  • We have created 117 advertising campaigns;
  • We used 80 different audiences;
  • We reached 370,068 people;
  • We increased the advertising budget by 50%;
  • We achieved a 110% growth in sales

To see the results download the full PDF file.

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