Facebook and Instagram marketing

Facebook and Instagram marketing are one of the most preferred ways for consumers and brands/businesses to communicate. Modern consumers want to speak the same language with the companies from which they buy goods or services. They want you to understand their needs, desires, preferences and answer their questions as quickly as possible. And that's not even enough.

In today's world of technology, we are subconsciously looking for those who look like us. We want to contact them, follow them and keep track of what they post.

Consumers want both creative and interesting content that is presented professionally and with beautiful images. Let's create Facebook and Instagram posts that will make your potential customers fall in love with your brand.

We take care of your business to present it in the best light, working in parallel for two purposes:

  • To satisfy the desires of online users;
  • To improve the algorithm for displaying your posts.

Choose us. Because we are as successful as the brands we work for!

The benefits of Facebook and Instagram marketing:

We offer you:

  • You speak the language of your customers;
  • Creating an emotional connection and trust between the consumer and the brand;
  • Present beautiful posts and stories that attract users;
  • Promote your business at very affordable price;

  • Рrofessional strategy development and implementation;
  • Building a complete visual concept to present your business online;
  • Ability to create short engaging videos;
  • Opportunity to stand out from your competitors!

Creating a unique online content and it’s necessary and recommended for your business, and the copywriters, which you work with, are the connection between you and your audience.

How does Facebook and Instagram marketing help your business?

Marketing on these two social networks provides several ways to help your overall performance. In addition to playing an important role in SEO ranking and the trust in your brand, Facebook and Instagram marketing has the opportunity to promote your business in a delicate and not annoying way to consumers, offering engaging, interesting and useful content.

Facebook and Instagram are used daily by millions of users around the world. Therefore, it is important for you to be where your potential customers are. Help them get to know not only you, but also the products or services you offer. This is also the easiest way to find out what your customers think or want - you can ask them questions, post surveys and then compare answers.

Facebook and Instagram Marketing brings you closer to online users, and also helps you build the image of the ideal customer for your business, as well as accumulate useful information and statistics for your further development.

Rising the popularity of the brand and stimulate the market searching.

To be where your clients are (on social networks) can drastically improve your marketing strategy- your potential clients could have the opportunity to know your company, brand, and products. This will give the opportunity to convince them that your offers and promotions could be valuable completion in their life.

Increase traffic, inquiries and sales on your website

Business owners often ask, "Can I sell a product / service through a Facebook and Instagram post?" The answer is YES. If you have the right strategy and concept for your Facebook posts, they present useful and interesting information and products for users, then the answer is YES!

For this purpose it is necessary to carefully analyze the information your users are engaged with. This may sound like an easy task, but we know how long it takes to create a detailed analysis. Contact us and let's climb the stairs to success together!

Does Facebook Marketing help SEO?

Definitely! Positive signals in Facebook (likes, shares, comments, etc.) would not only lead to "word of mouth" marketing (which according to research leads to double profits from paid advertising) but would show Google that your brand is important, serious and perhaps deserves a higher rating and ranking in search engines. Accordingly, social media are also a good method to strengthen your SEO strategy.

Tendrik will help you with the planning and implementation of social media marketing.

The services we offer to your business are:

  • Facebook Marketing
  • Facebook Pixel installation
  • Instagram Marketing
  • Creating business profiles on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn)
  • Create and manage advertising campaigns

Your success is our success! We will study your market niche and competition. Тhen, a team of specialists will build a strategy and visual concept to achieve the set goals together. Even if you can't set clearly defined goals - we will consult you so that we know what we are striving for. We can be your business best friend.


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from 499€/month

Facebook posts 8 12 16 Special offer for your business
Instagram posts 8
Unique designs 8 12 20
Stories 2 4 Every post is shared as Story
* In the absence of social media profiles, we will create them and will prepare the designs for the profile picture and cover.
Any additional post will be paid according to a price list
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