Businesses need to be where their customers are, satisfying their needs quickly, efficiently and before their competitors do. And today’s consumer is a digital one. Therefore, building an online store can be one of the most appropriate marketing decisions for your business. Moreover – without a web presence the only thing your business will generate is a greater number of missed opportunities.

Generally, e-commerce is associated with the sale of goods online. And even though this is a good enough definition for the general consumer, businesses should view e-commerce as an exceptional opportunity for growth.

Why should we you an online store?

The online store makes shopping a lot easier for your clients!

Thanks to the Internet everybody can see, learn, and buy almost everything they want from almost anywhere. That is why your products should be available for online ordering. This will provide the customer with an opportunity of a great value be greatly interested in – easy order and fast delivery.

Building an online store is really not that expensive!

Until a few years ago, you had to spend thousands of euros a month to: maintain your physical store on a key boulevard; internal; and external merchandizing; and different types of advertising. Hypothetically, that could give you the so-wanted flow of people to your store, who will choose you over your competitors. Today, those same people spend a significant amount of their time and attention online and on social media, rather than window shopping on the city streets. Therefore, your marketing strategy should be oriented to the digital consumers. To be successful, however, it must also include creating an online store, which, frankly, requires relatively low investment and low cost of online advertising.

Having an online store can improve your business!

And no – we are not just talking about increasing your online sales. One of the biggest advantages of e-commerce is that it never sleeps. Your online store will be available to your customers 24/7. And thanks to all the tools for automated online analysis (such as Google Analytics, for example) you will be able to collect vital comprehensive data for different visitors, viewed/ordered products, as well as all kinds of user behavior in your online store. This data will help you to create more specific targeted audiences and to improve your marketing strategy.

How to create an online store?

Leave it to us! Tendrik will help you to successfully expand your business on the web, creating an online store that will positively affect your sales, reputation, and relationship with customers. With OpenCart – the most popular platform for e-commerce, we will can build your new functional online store, while meeting both your personal requirements, and the specific features of your business.

Why OpenCart?

  • It provides flexibility in design, allowing us to speed up development processes and minimize your expenses;
  • It gives us an opportunity to make your online store more secure;
  • It gives us the chance to fully meet set requirements and intended budget;
  • It is at the core of all our successful projects.


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