Nowadays user is active online which means, that the business should happen on the Internet! The online customer loves spending his time on the Internet and we need to satisfy his needs and desires quickly, efficiently and before other competitors do. Building an online store can be one of the best decisions one has made for his business.
More than 90% of our internet based users shop online and they shop very often. Think about the type of an audience you can reach to when you have your own online store which is available 24 hours, 7 days a week from every place in the world - any time! Furthermore, the only thing your business will generate when not existing online is misled benefits! Look at what you can benefit from:

  • Exclusive opportunity to grow;
  • Access to new markets;
  • New clients and more profits;
  • Higher recognition of your brand;
  • Less costs.

We work with OpenCart – one of the most popular platforms for online businesses, which helps us create a successful online store responsible for your needs and requirements. Why Open Cart? Because working with this platform brings:

  • Flexibility and allows speeding up the process;
  • Less costs;
  • Does not require monthly taxes for support and long-term commitments;
  • Gives opportunities for development on the foreign markets;
  • Allows you to personalize the entire design;
  • Make your business more secure and safe.

Why the online store is so important?

Because you do not need huge financial capital and subsequent costs! You can create one valuable online store, which, in the long run, can regain your investments multiple times!

The online store helps your customers!

If your products are available online, you can reach to more clients. You can also deliver everything your customers are interested in with a fast check out and ultimate delivery time.

Making an online store is not expensive!
A few years ago, you had to spend thousands of money monthly to support a physical store. Now, it is more important to existing online, where all the people really spend their time. Thus, you can decrease your costs and deliver to a broader field of customers’ needs and requirements while speeding up your level growth rates.

Online store improve your business!

One of the most important benefits of your online store is that it never sleeps- it is available 24/7. Thanks to all automated online analysis tools, you can get information about user’s behavior. On the other hand, they will help you create more closely targeted user groups and improve your marketing strategy, which will lead to more online and offline sales!

How to create an online store?

Leave that to us! Tendrik will help you succeed in expanding your business online, creating an online store which is personalized according to your needs. An online store will have a positive effect on your sales, reputation and relationships with all clients! Check out our portfolio::


50 + developed projects


6.3 million euro realized profit online for 2018


9 years of experience


If you are interested, send a request via our online shop inquiry.