Developing an online store for NikomLight – lighting fixtures, lamps and chandeliers for every taste


NikomLight is a retail company for high-quality lighting fixtures based in Plovdiv. Working with the leading European manifacturers, the company offers a wide range of interior, exterior or garden or façade lighting.

In order to give its clients the opportunity to quickly and easily light their homes, offices or gardens, Tendrik created a new online store for NikomLight. The store is consistent with their requirements for high functionality, user friendly interface and easy navigation.

The new NikomLight online store is based on one of the most flexible and most used e-commerce platform – OpenCart. Through it we were able to develop and implement variety of functionalities.

Why did we choose OpenCart?

  • The system allows easy management to the store via admin panels with user profiles with different levels of access;
  • Allows creating reports on dates and statistics containing client’s behaviour, orders and sales;
  • Allows creating a number of personalized promotions such as fixed price or a price discount for a group of clients;
  • Multilingual websites;
  • Many more functionalities.

You can read more on OpenCart and open-source platform here.

Since NikomLight offers an extremely wide selection of lighting fixtures, we developed the online store in a way to process a huge amount of data easily and to load quickly information sought by users.

Choosing a lighting is not easy because of the many technical characteristics of the product. So, we developed a filter to facilitate the website’s users. And with Quick checkout ordering is just a step away.

To give the users a high quality experience, we developed a design that is responsive and is accessible through all mobile and desktop devices.

What else did we develop and integrate for this project?

  • Dynamic pages;
  • Breadcrumps for easy navigation;
  • Different payment methods (PayPal, credit/debit card);
  • Integration with eMag, which allows NikomLight to sell things on their platform with just one click.

We also optimized the website and its content for search engines (SEO), which increased significantly the site’s traffic.

You can visit NikomLight’s online store here:

Happy shopping!

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