Forever in history – the best advertising campaigns for 2017

Are you wondering which are the best ad campaigns for 2017th? Don’t worry, we have found them for you.

For sure 2017 was one extremely colorful year full of great emotions! And what are strong emotions doing best? They create some of the most memorable advertising campaigns in history, which honestly give us goosebumps. The themes are as colorful as it was the year – you can find everything from politics, gender equality in the business world, overcoming the differences between people, straight to the power of journalism and several campaigns that would just make you laugh your heart out.
We have searched for you, found for you, and now will present to you our top 7 of the most memorable advertising campaigns that were created last year. Enjoy!

7. “Pass the Heinz” – Heinz

The first ad that we’ll show you has an extremely interesting story. The year is 1968, the place – Madison Avenue. Two leaders in the advertising world are presenting their idea of the “Pass the Heinz” campaign – without a photo of the product. Their golden key here is just a sentence that would attract the attention and most important, the curiosity of the future customers. Unfortunately, the idea is rejected. The positive thing about the whole situation is that it all exist in the world of the Mad Men TV series. Well, in the world of cinema it didn’t go well, but the idea of “Pass the Heinz” gets great success in 2017, after Heinz takes the idea from the TV series and creates a campaign in the real world from it.

Cool, right! That ad confirms the trend of last year that the retro is the new black. Do you think it will stay this stong in 2018?

6. “Earth” by Apple

Our home is one – the Earth. We all step on it, see its colors, feel its scent, and take care of it so it feels good. The giants from Apple once again manage to get the audience attention with their minimalism. We all know that the best ad is the one from a happy customer, probably that’s the reason why Apple has collected videos that were shot with their product by different customers and included their names in the video. You really do need the courage to do something like this, but the company has proved many times that is one of the leaders not only in the industry but in the advertising world too. We can’t wait to see what they have prepared for us this year!

5. “The truth is hard to find” – The New York Times

It’s difficult to find, to show and to accept…the truth. The year 2017 will remain in our memories with lots of scandals about fake news, corruption among journalists, paid articles. The New York Times filmed several videos under the title “The truth is hard”. They show different stories of their photographers in extreme situations – rescuing refugees from the ocean, reporting in the center of war. The idea is to pay tribute and respect to the REAL journalists who even sometimes sacrifice their lives for the sake of truth.

4. “Stories are Everywhere” – Instagram

The world is big and fun lurks around the corner. Modern technologies and social networks give us the opportunity to be real stars and to be seen not only from our friends but also to be spotted by the right people on the right places. This is the second ad campaign on our list, which is able to get to the world charts for best campaigns in 2017, thanks to its loyal customers. Specialists define “Stories are everywhere” like one of the freshest and fun advertising campaigns for the 2017th. The idea of the campaign? To help us appreciate in a slightly different way the small moment of everyday life – from special occasions to everyday happenings.

3. “Bullying JR” – Burger King

The responsibility that famous brands around the world take is undoubtedly big. Burger King says about themselves that they are a brand that puts the crown on everyone’s head because everyone deserves it and is special on his own way. That is why they start a war against harassment at school. The action takes place in a food chain of the brand. Children actors are pretending to bully another little boy in front of the customers. At the same time, in Burger King’s kitchen, the chefs are “beating” the burgers of those customers who watch what is happening outside. The result is more than staggering – 95% of the customers take action against the burgers that have been served to them, but only 12% take action against the bullying of the child. We believe that this is a good example of how our society is dealing with each other, but we also know that talking about and showing what reality actually is, is the first step to change!

2. “Open your world” – Heineken

Have you ever wondered how strong people’s beliefs might be and if they could be ignored in the name of something pure and beautiful? Apparently, Heineken has also asked themselves this question. “Open your world” brings together two completely different people in one room and helps them get to know their common features before showing them their differences. Left and right political positions, black, white, heterosexual or transgender – these are just words that shouldn’t influence the real relationships between people. It’s hard to break the walls between people, but Heineken shows that it would be much easier if you just build a bar and not even raise a wall at all.

1. “Fearless Girl” – State Street Global Advisors

On the Eve of 8th of March in New York, something interesting happened – a small statue of a fearless girl appears against the world-famous Bull of Wall Street. The idea of the campaign is to put pressure on employers to rely more on female women by appointing them on their boards of directors. The initiative is made by the world’s third-largest financial asset management firm, State Street Global Advisors, and has been able to provoke the whole world. It gets 4.6 billions of impressions on Twitter for 12 weeks and 745 million impressions at Instagram. The first idea of the campaign was to last only a month, but after the 50,000 votes in a petition that was made, it was decided to have the statue of the Fearless Girl for at least a year.

Strongly emotional, social and with the will to make the world a better and safer place – this is how we can describe the strongest advertising campaigns in 2017. The New Year gives a request that it will not give a way to the previous one!

We will be happy if you tell us in the comment section below which one is your favorite and most memorable ad campaigns in 2017!

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