5 easy tips for copywriters

copywriting tips

You must have at least a little bit of talent to create interesting, engaging, and high-quality text. Well, that’s entirely true but the talent isn’t the only thing that’s important here. Some people are born with it but working really hard and practising/reading a lot might also do the trick. Writing really is magical and can take us to another world or time very easily. As long as, words and worlds are guided by a real professional with a huge imagination.

Still, to write high-quality copy, you won’t need to do long narrative and try to be like Tolkien. Your writing, though, need to be engaging, memorable, and appealing. You do it need to conquer you readers and keep them interested not turning to the red X at the upper right corner, after all. And winning over your readers means winning over your clients too, which is really important if you want your way to professional copywriting paved and much shorter/easier.

In this piece, we will talk to you about the secrets copywriters know and use to create engaging and useful texts.

  1. Research, research, research

No matter how much you (think you) know, you can’t be an expert in every single field there is. Taking enough time to conduct a proper research will help you to write the piece much more easily and swiftly and will make you look like a professional in your clients’ eyes. Not only that – research is fun.

  1. Always check your sources

The internet is the go-to place to find useful and interesting information. And it is of such vast and endless amounts that one life won’t be enough to read through it all. Still, not everything on the internet is true. We all know that. Always double and triple check your sources and be at least a little bit paranoid about something that makes you question its veracity. An information is considered reliable if it has been verified by at least 3 respectable sources. Fact checking might slow your work and take up some time but the other option is much worse. As they say: “Better safe than sorry”.

To do a reliable double and triple checks use other websites or consult an expert in the needed field.

  1. Be creative

Copywriters are hired for their creativity, imagination, and way with words. Copywriters can do something not everyone can – they can offer an engaging, captivating, enthralling presentation of the topic. Think about your approach carefully, experiment and show your own unique point of view about it. Sometimes the most boring and uninteresting subjects became an unforgettable experience laced with positive associations thanks to the copywriter.

If your creativity has taken a break, don’t be worried. Take a break and then try brainstorming, You have no idea how many genius ideas you might have while simply write down your first thoughts about something. Brainstorming is the most effective and easiest way to do something different and refreshing, which will result in a high-quality, even more, engaging and memorable writing.

5 easy tips for copywriters
  1. Get inspired! Always search for new ideas, new information

Copywriters don’t get up with countless genius ideas in their heads (or this doesn’t happen nearly as often as we’d like). It’s perfectly natural to experience some shortage of ideas and inspiration (especially if you’ve already spent years writing). If this does happen, don’t worry. Just gather some methods that will help your creativity juice flow and will make you inspired and full of new worthy ideas. The easiest way is to, of course, browse online. And read. A lot. That will do the trick.

Here’s something else that will help defeat the writer’s block you might be experiencing. Create a mind map. Take a sheet of paper and start by writing the subject in question in the middle. Then just jot down every other thing that comes to your mind when you think of this particular subject. An easy way to have fun and give birth to some genius ideas.

  1. Double check you writing

This is not applicable only to a copywriter’s work. Double checking is not only a form of trust between you and you/business and employer/colleagues…, it’s also the professional way. There are many free tools and applications that will help you a great deal with that.

Advego Plagiatus is one of the most useful and preferred ones. It’s completely free and you won’t even have to install it. Another option is Plagiat Finder but recently it’s been showing some decrease in its quality. We at Tendrik use Antiplagiat and recommend it completely. You can find it here: https://text.ru/antiplagiat. It’s free for up to 20 pieces a day. It’s really useful and can help with the checkups of presentations, pdf and word files, as well.

We will leave with one final thing. The secret of great copywriters is that – they write as if they are the client they are writing for. They walk a mile in the shoes of their clients, try to understand them and think like them. That’s what makes their writing so outstanding, influential, and engaging. People like to be understood and great copywriters do exactly that – they understand their clients’ needs, desires, worries, and so on. Just try talking to your clients and ask some questions, you will see that that’s the best and easiest way to write exceptional and high-quality texts.

We are also here to help understand and meet you and your needs. That’s why we offer you remarkable copywriting services. See for yourself, contact us.

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