Search Engine Optimization is a process that lets you naturally influence your website’s positioning on certain keywords in the results pages of any search engine. SEO is a crucial part of every business’ digital marketing strategy and it must not be spontaneously executed, but carefully planned and synchronized beforehand. It is not (in any case) a blatant manipulation of search engine positions. It is a way for you, based on certain criteria, to increase the visibility of your website and to make it more popular in the eyes of your online customers.

How does search engine optimization work?

Broadly speaking, SEO includes two main pillars: On-page optimization (what you can do on your website) and Off-page optimization (what others say about you).

On-page SEO includes all the factors you can directly control and is connected to the overall optimization of your content and structure. It is done by some purely technical rules that are universal for almost every search engine out there. Such rules can be:

  • Correctly optimized title tags and meta descriptions of pages and products;
  • Clearly structured URL addresses;
  • Well-optimized on-page content that includes enough keywords and phrases.

Off-page SEO has one goal – to influence all optimization factors that you cannot control directly. Even though it’s a bit harder to find the right formula to get to them, you shouldn’t back down, because they are equally important for the success of your campaign. Your off-page data can show you how the rest of the online world sees your website. A huge part of your off-page efforts may be:

  • The present number of high-quality backlinks that lead to your website or web store from other high-authority online sources;
  • Your link building strategy
  • Strong positive social media signals in Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Instagram.

3 facts about SEO you should know:

  • SEO is not the same as PPC (pay-per-click) advertising in search engines (AdWords).
  • SEO is not a single act, but rather a long-term process. If you want your optimization results to be sustainable, you should put a lot of time and effort in this process.
  • SEO should be planned as an integral part of your company’s digital marketing strategy.

Why you should choose our SEO services?

Search engine optimization is among the most effective way for making your online reputation better.

Just like PR, search engine optimization can make a positive impact on your e-reputation and to minimize the risk of negative feedback to hurt it. This is one of the little “hacks” for online success, as your brand’s good reputation plays a fundamental part of the long-term return of your business.

Search engine optimization increases both your brand’s online visibility and your business’ online sales.

The higher ranking positions your website or online store has on SERPs, the more accessible your business would be. And the easier your client reaches you and your products, the higher return you’ll have from your online sales. This will help be at the top among your competitors!


Tendrik can be a trustworthy partner in developing your SEO strategy. Based on a detailed audit, our plan will try to meet your company’s goals and budget criteria. Our team works by Google-set rules and we do not use any black-hat techniques.

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Finding and removing duplicate content
Keyword analysis
Optimization of all your picture's alt attributes
Optimizing exisitng title tags and meta descriptions
Web design consultation
Code optimization and website speed improvements
Creating on-page content for your website's main pages
Internal linkbuilding between products and categories
Creating a SEO strategy
Overall trafic monitoring and eliminating bad links and spam inbound traffic
Linkbuilding - creating links from other websites to yours Creating up to 5 inbound links per month Creating up to 15 inbound links per month Creating up to 25 inbound links per month
Content Marketing and copywriting 3 articles per month (500 words each) 5 articles per month (500 words each)
If you would like to have an SEO subsription tailored to specific requirements
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