SEO optimization (Search Engine Optimization) is a process that lets you naturally influence your website’s positioning on certain keywords in the results pages of any search engine. SEO optimization is not a manipulation of the results. It’s a way that you can increase the visibility of your website by special criteria’s and make it popular in the eyes of your online users. It has two ways to be done: on-page SEO (the things you do on the website) and off-page SEO (the things others tell about you.)

On-page SEO

the whole optimization of the content of your website and the performance of technical requirements for better indexing in any search engine.

  • Right optimized title tags and meta descriptions of pages and products;
  • Good online construction for all the pages;
  • Quality content which can position your website by the use of certain keywords and phrases;
  • Improving the quality of the code that has built your website.

Off-page SEO

how the world see your website. Here key important factors are:

  • Building high authority for your website;
  • Analyzing the existing external links;
  • Building a high authority with external links;
  • Building a positive online brand;
  • Strong and positive social signals from Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram.

3 facts of the SEO optimization you should know::

  1. SEO optimization is not pay-per click advertisement on the search (like Google) where you stop paying and they stop showing the website.
  2. SEO optimization is not one action, but a long-term process. The sustainable SEO optimization is being built by a lot of effort which requires time and resources. This is why the approach should be serious and professional.
  3. SEO optimization should be planned as a global digital strategy for your company.

Why your business should take advantage of our SEO services?

SEO optimization is one of the most effective ways to improve your online reputation.

Like the PR, SEO optimization can make a positive influence on your online reputation and restrict negative information on the Internet. This is one of the main “hacks” for an online success. The positive reputation of your brand will have a long-term effect on the returning benefits of your business.

SEO optimization increases the visibility of your brand on the Internet and your online sales.

If your website or online store is on the front pages in the search results, it will be more visible and your business it will be easily accessed. The speed at which the clients will discover your brand is the main factor for increasing your online profits. This will help you be on top and ahead of the competition, while you increase your online profits.

Tendrik can be a reliable partner for developing your SEO strategy. Based on a detailed SEO audit, we will create an SEO plan for your website or online store, taking into consideration the specifics of your business. Our team works according to the rules of Google and we don’t use unauthorized black-hat SEO techniques.

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Finding and removing duplicate content
Keyword analysis
Optimization of all your picture's alt attributes
Optimizing exisitng title tags and meta descriptions
Web design consultation
Code optimization and website speed improvements
Creating on-page content for your website's main pages
Internal linkbuilding between products and categories
Creating a SEO strategy
Overall trafic monitoring and eliminating bad links and spam inbound traffic
Linkbuilding - creating links from other websites to yours Creating up to 5 inbound links per month Creating up to 15 inbound links per month Creating up to 25 inbound links per month
Content Marketing and copywriting 3 articles per month (500 words each) 5 articles per month (500 words each)
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