In order to have a successful website, you’ll need technical support. The online world has been extremely dynamic in the last few years and if you rely on your online store or corporate website for revenue, then you’ll have to figure out a way to take care (partially or completely) after your site’s infrastructure. This is why we created our tech support subscription plans, which are tailored to the most common challenges an online business may face.

Website and online store support

Tendrik’s subscription plans for technical support include:

  • Rapid response to technical problems and timely removal
    You spotted a problem on your website? Something doesn't display correctly? We will pay attention to your request on time and in the event that the website or online store does not function properly, it will be treated with very high priority.
  • Protection from hostile actions
    Our team will protect your corporate website or online store hostile attempts of cross-site scripting, DDoS attacks, intrusion database and others.
  • Creating back-ups
    Every 24 hours we create a data archive of your website through which we can recover any changes and avoid loss of information.
  • CMS Updates
    The content management system (CSM) which your site is based on is the back-end infrastructure that keeps your business afloat in the online world. Every once in a while there are certain updates that need to implemented in your day-to-day workload.
  • Managing access rights, mailboxes and storing data
    We will assist you in adding, deactivating and changing users with administrative roles in your website and help you manage your mailboxes and upload web content.
  • Overall monitoring of your website's (online store) status and activity with frequent reporting
    Tendrik provides continuous and comprehensive monitoring of the performance of your website or online store. We will monitor the status of hosting services, CPU, memory consumption and more. And the results will be summarized in a special report that we'll provide regularly.

Basic Pack


Extended Pack


Pro Pack

Monthly Price 79 Euro 149 Euro 249 Euro
Annual subscription (save 17%) 790 Euro 1490 Euro 2490 Euro
Who is it for? Personal blogs, small coporate websites, informational website, small online stores Corporate websites and small online stores with up to 10,000 monthly visits Big online stores
Eliminating technical problems
Reacting to technical problems in up to 48 hours in up to 24 hours in up to 12 hours
Protection from hostile activities
System back-up up to 7 days up to 15 days up to 30 days
Images and data back-up
Mail boxes management
Managing back-end access levels
24/7 website monitoring
Website status and activity report Once a month Once a week
Working hours per month up to 4 hours up to 6 hours up to 10 hours
Price for every additional hour 35 € per hour 30 € per hour 25 € per hour
Hosting Basic shared hosting* Standard shared hosting**
* Basic shared hosting: 150 GB Traffic, 15 GB storage with up to 100 emails
** Extended shared hosting: Unlimited traffic, 50GB storage, SSD for MySQL, Unlimited emails
If you would like to have an subsription tailored to specific requirements and needs of your business, do not hesitate to get in touch with us! The prices above are without VAT. Contact us