Google and Facebook are the two most important traffic sources for your website. That is why publishing adverts in those channels will have a high impact on your business.

How does PPC work?

You can guess from its name that Pay-Per-Click is that kind of promo campaign where you pay for each click on your link. Literally. Broadly speaking, through PPC you're purchasing every click on your link, which generates a “lead” to your webpage. That way, your website builds better online visibility and helps your visitors to become actual customers of your products or services. That is why paid promotions of your website should be among your top marketing priorities.

But what really are the PPC campaigns?

When we talk about PPC campaigns, the most important factor everyone should keep an eye on is the return of investment (ROI). You can have effective campaigns when they are targeted with certain words and phrases as much as possible. Such keywords are the ones that are closely related to your business. But in order to have effective keywords and phrases, you must know your customers, your target groups and their needs. In other words, you should put yourself in your customers’ shoes and try to think like them. We know that every cautious approach is a matter of great importance in order to achieve the final goals.

Benefits of a PPC campaign

The benefits of paid campaigns in Google and Facebook are numerous, including:

  • Targeting certain words and phrases which can be managed and modified at any time, according occurred changes and considerations of the advertising business.
  • Targeting according locations and ad steering according your requirements in order to reach your target group.
  • You can have visible results and effective promotion without the need of huge budget.
  • The ability to conduct daily statistics

If you want to achieve profit from online sales, you have to be willing to invest in PPC campaigns. In this regard, you should be familiar with the two main indicators that are used for planning, implementation and evaluation of a PPC campaign:

Cost Per Click (CPC) – that is the price that you are willing to pay for click and according to which Google decides whether to give you an advantage over your competitors' ads or not.

Click Through Rates (CTR) - This factor indicates the rate of clicks and visits to your website through paid advertising. It helps us to report the conversion rate from visits to sales and to do a summary analysis of the overall performance of the paid campaign.

Is there a difference between PPC campaigns and SEO?

Yes, there is! The SEO optimization (Search Engine Optimization) is a process associated with generating organic traffic to your website. In other words, the one that you are not paying for and by which your online visitors came to your website naturally (for example through online content, external links and links from social networks).

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaigns do exactly the opposite - each generated click on the link is paid for. It's far more likely to get PPC ads above the organic results on Google.

Is there anything in common between the two?

Yes, there is! PPC and SEO, are part of the so-called Search Engine Marketing (translated literally “Marketing in the search engines”) or in other words SEM. The important thing with both PPC and SEO, is that it should be given time for proper planning and organization, because your business is not the only one who is online. Your competitors are also using the network.

How the services of Tendrik will benefit you?

The high-quality management of the PPC advertising campaigns through Google AdWords and Facebook Ads will give a strong impact on the online positioning of your website thanks to generated traffic. Its visibility in search engines is difficult, especially when online marketing marks a historic boom and development.

Maintaining a paid online advertising campaign requires perseverance, as generated data must be carefully and constantly analyzed.

If you want to have a successful PPC campaign, we can offer you professional and prompt advice. After defining your keywords, phrases and promotional text, our team will help in the implementation and the management of your Google AdWords and Facebook Ads campaigns which will lead you to achieving the desired results. With our rich professional background you will be able to reach to your potential customers. With proper targeting and advertising together we will increase your online sales!

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