Design is all around us. The good design is inspired, aesthetically beautiful and comfortable. The specialists in this area are artists who can combine this three requirements and get all users to wish for their products. Everything that is around us, is designed solution. The goal for every designer is to have influence over all users. The outcome depends on the designer’s work. The design connects creativity and innovations to make business ideas happen within the main product’s requirements.

What is the web design?

The very word suggests that this is an intersection between web development and design, i.e. that’s the process of creating the website visually. Web design includes web pages’ layouts, the creation of visual content and the graphic design on the site. Web design could be separated in two lines- visual and technical..

All visual elements formed the website. This includes the way in which the information is structured, along with the user’s interface, website structure, navigation, colors, fonts, layouts, and galleries.

Technically, websites are created by using a different program language (HTML, CSS, JavaScript). They define how every page will look in the web browser- the content, meta dates, the shapes, form of the elements and what effects will certain pages have on the online user.

Why is user interface so important?

The user interface (UI) is a series of pages and visual elements such as buttons and icons, which affects the website visitors. The sequence of actions which your users take depends on the interface of your website. This is the reason why the user interface should be convenient, practical and easy to use.

The User Experience (UX) include actions like the time. users spend on the website, together with the aspects of the user’s interactions with the website. This includes an examination of the pages, click on the buttons, search and other. When you plan web design, you have to keep in mind the user interface (UI) specifics and UI’s journey.

With the functionalities of your website, you have to respond to the specific needs of the user - what to design, where to be located, what colors to use, what the website navigation is, and so on. Web design is actually what makes the user stay on the website and makes his experience valuable and enjoyable. It is the compass that directs the ordinary user towards turning into a client. Web design takes into account not only what the user wants but also the device he uses to be as comfortable, practical and effective as much as possible.

Features of the web design

1 Web design should be one with the identity of the company

It is the face of the business. The designer is familiar with the psychology of the colors, considering the brand of the company, including logos, colors, elements, shrifts, massages, graphics and others. Considering the entire elements, one is planning and building the design of the website.

2 The idea of the client is formed and visualized by the designer

It gives a complete look of the idea, according to the company's requirements. As people "buy with their eyes", your website needs to be carefully formed so that your visitors can act on what you desire.

3 Responsive design

It allows access to all mobile and desktop devices. Desktop devices are replaced by the devices which we can bring in our pocket or in our purse. Statistics show that around 70% of the users generate traffic from their mobile device and the percent is rising every day. What does it mean? If you want to reach to all users and want them to return to your website and make a purchase, then the design of your website should be comfortable and effective on any devices as smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.

4 User interface

The design of the user’s interface (UI) is connected with the way in which your users perceive the website. They way in which the user’s interface is designed, depends how easy the navigation will be and what actions they are going to take. If it doesn’t attract them at first sight, then it means that there is some kind of a problem with the UI’s desing.

What does Tendrik offer for your business?

The services Tendrik offers for web design are:

Developing a design for new websitesIf you are starting a business, it’s important to have a good looking site, logo and company identity. To influence positively on your online visitors, you need a good structured, orderly and modern website. Tendrik team will help you accomplish this. Web development: you already have established yourself on the market and have proven your business as a quality one, but you have not yet reached your full potential on the Internet. When we develop your website, we take care of web design, which will be compliant with your company’s identity

Redesign – the users can be strongly influenced by the experience on your website. The tendencies in web design are changing very often. The thing that was modern three years ago, is not modern today. Your website has to be easy for use. Redesigning an existing website will affect positively your online image and will improve user’s behavior.

Constructing ideas and developing the entire product is work and responsibility of the designer. Every designer is like a musician that forms the product in its final state. Our team will be responsible for what the website looks like and if it responds to clients’ needs or achieves the desired results. Tendrik team could be your partner in developing the design of your website, which acts out as your online business card.