The e-commerce industry is growing rapidly - prognoses for 2018 show that online sales will grow with about 5.5% (or in numbers – reaching around $28.3 trillion).

You are already familiar with the huge impact and importance of online stores and have your own? Great! But how can you make it successful? It's all about creating the most optimized experience for your customers! And how do you do that? Through the right extensions and add-ons.

What makes your online store different is not (just) your products, but the online experience you offer. Web design and the extensions (the convenience they bring) for your online store are (one of) the things that makes the user stay and choose you.

Consumers love (and are already used to) being comfortable and safe. If you make it difficult for them to find information or make a purchase, if they cannot trust you, they will leave your store and won’t become your customers.

Because of this, and thanks to the good structure of the OpenCart system, we introduce to you the extensions (modules) we offer so that your online store can shine and bring you the desired success. This is how we combine trends while focusing on our personal style and right attitude towards our clients as we evolve along with the online marketing sector.

  1. eMag Module

eMag is one of the biggest online store in Bulgaria right now. They are the ones that presented “Black Friday” to Bulgarian, and they also helped to introduce the Marketplace system to the Bulgarian market. If you sell your products on eMag as well, you have the opportunity to multiply their audience and clients. eMag have created modules for the two most popular e-commerce platforms – OpenCart and Magento. But if we have to be honest, their modules don’t work quite well.The module we have developed meets all the criteria eMag has (and they are a lot!) and is easy to integrate and use.

This module’s advantages are many:

  • We save so much time this way, time we can invest in something valuable such as developing our business;
  • Things are made so much easier for us – amongst the many functionalities it has, it updates the quantities automatically;
  • It has an user-friendly interface;
  • It is adaptive to different types of business.


In this case, if your store is not integrated with eMag, it may cost you a lot of extra time and efforts. But what’s the right way? The way that saves you time, makes the integration process easier and provides convenient and easy solutions to pressing problems.

  1. Braintree Integration

One of the most popular payment methods in Bulgaria is paying with cash on delivery. However, business scene is constantly changing – daily and rapidly. There comes a moment that we would like to expand our business beyond a country’s borders. If we do this, however, we must be ready to take into account all the local habits and tendencies. The global trend is to pay with a debit card which actually increases daily as a preference amongst even our distrustful Bulgarians. How can we use this? Our module integrates your online store with Braintree (a PayPal subsidiary and very preferred way to make online payments) and saves time and effort on your part, but not for the account of safety and convenience. It not only eases your workload, but makes the integration process very secure and safe.

  1. NameDay Module

Whatever kind of business you manage, one of the most important goals is for it do satisfy your customers desires and wishes and to take care of your customer. Personal, special treatment is important. It is one of the things that turn the ordinary user into a customer. People like to buy from… well, people. Showing the “face” of your business, you gain the trust of your customers. By providing exceptional customer service and making them feel special – you gain their loyalty and turn them an advertisement of sorts for your business (recommendation is one the most powerful ad tools!). As you have probably guessed, however, this is extremely difficult and time consuming. The larger your business is, the more impossible it is to remember and take the time to congratulate personally every single one of our clients. We have developed a module with the help of which we automate this process and can easily congratulate even all of customers for their name day holiday. NameDay module is the first automated such module. This way you not only save time but can also build a loyal customer base, good and true reputation and acquire new customers. The online store that choose to use it not only receive many thank you emails and answers, but also increase their sales in these specific days.

  1. ECONT integration

Currently ECONT is the preferred Bulgarian courier company, providing desired conditions. With this in mind, the integration of your online store with ECONT becomes mandatory. That is the reason why we offer an easy and convenient way to automate this process. We created a delivery method, that will raise your productivity levels by 80%, free up some of your time and give you the opportunity to tackle other more important and interesting tasks.

What does Tendrik offer for your business?

As we said, that the integration of your online store is not only necessary, but also a game-changer if done right. Trust us to build the foundation of your successful online business. Using of the most popular and preferred e-commerce platforms – OpenCart, and our integrations and extensions, you will get an online store that will positively affect your sales, reputation, and relationship with customers.

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