E-commerce is growing extremely dynamic- almost 2 million of the population purchased good/goods online in 2016. Statistics show that online /e-commerce/ sales will grow up to 5, 5% and up to 28,300 trillion dollars in 2018. Do you know how many stores are there to satisfy the needs and desires of the people to shop online? A lot!

It’s not enough to have presence on the Internet. Nowadays, the key to success is hidden in the ability to distinguish yourself from all other offers that flow in the deep sea of e-commerce. How does this happen? You can stand out by creating and offering the most optimized experience to the users. The right extensions and additions are one of the best ways to achieve this. Why:

  • Because you sell more ;
  • You save time, effort and money;
  • The users love to be comfortable, feel safe and to have easy access to their searches;
  • In this way you make it easier for them to buy a product or search for information about it;
  • You give them better user interface;
  • You show that the client is your priority. Who doesn’t love to feel special?

Our team has broad experience in developing different applications in WordPress, Magento, OpenCart and PrestaShop.See some of the extensions we offer:

Integration with forwarding companies like DHL, ECONT, TNT, Rapido, Leo Express and others

We create a method to generate your delivery bills, to increase your productivity, to save time and to give you the opportunity to take care of other more important tasks. Connecting your online shop with the warehouse’s software will not only save you time, but it will show you accurate information in real time.

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Integration with payment method like PayPal, Braintree, Borica, ePay, Scrio

One of all time preferred payment methods is with credit/debit card. In Bulgaria, people prefer to pay cash, but all know the World is changing fast and every day. How can you not take advantage of all changes?

The module we offer integrates your online store with all payment methods you prefer. Thus, you save time and effort. Security and comfort are always high! This makes your job easier and makes the process more safe and secure .

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NameDay Module

No matter what kind of business you manage, one of the most important goals always is to take care of your clients and to satisfy their needs. The key to make an ordinary visitor a returning and loyal one is the special attitude towards them.

Providing exquisite customer service and making customers feel special – that is how you win their loyalty and make them into a functional advert of your business. We know that ‘word of mouth’ is the most effective ad in all time.

As you may know, the process is hard and time-consuming. The bigger the business you have, the less time you can spend on sending personal wishes for every occasion your clients have. We create a module with which you can send wishes to all of your clients by automating the process.

NameDaymodule is the first automated module like this. It saves time, helps with sales and keeps the long-term relationship with your clients. Online stores using this module receive a lot of thankful emails and answers for their perceptiveness which leads to more sales.

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eMag Module

Currently, eMag is one of the biggest online stores in Bulgaria. If your online store is selling through the eMag platform, you will increase your audience and reach to more clients. The module we create covers all requirements (they are not a few!). This makes the process easy and the functional. You save time, simplify the integration process and use convenient and easy solutions for solving current issues.

The benefits of eMag module, that we offer, are:

  • It saves a great deal of precious time that we can invest in the development of our business;
  • It is way easier fo us - the quantities of our products are being updated automatically;
  • It has comfortable and easy to use interface;
  • It is adaptive for different kind of businesses .
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Your module

We can develop custom and special services for you, something special and responsive to the needs of your business and online store. An On-going development is a key to success. Let us take you and accelerate the speed to the path of success

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As we know, the integration of an online store is not only necessary. It is important for your success. Trust in us! We can establish the basics for your successful online business. You will get an online store, which will show a positive effect on your sales, reputation and customer relationships.