Tendrik is a Clutch Leader

Tendrik Has Won Clutch Leader Award for Top Advertising & Marketing Agencies in Eastern Europe Tendrik was officially featured by Clutch as a Top Digital Agency in the Clutch B2B Leading Company Awards. This report highlights the top service providers in Eastern Europe. Who Are Clutch? Clutch, a B2B ratings and reviews website based out […]

Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions for Your Business

Google Chrome extensions

Have you ever had moments in your life, where you have been wanting to simplify your work process with Google Chrome? Today, we will tell you everything about the top 10 Google Chrome Extensions – keep reading to see all the tools that will help you save time and effort with only a click. We […]

How does the internet speak? The voice of chatbots

chatbot tendrik

How does the internet speak? The voice of chatbots – the new trend in digital marketing Chatbots slowly but persistently become an unmistakable helper of any e-business. The “Voice” of the Internet begins to gradually help employees who are engaged in customer service and turn their work into a lighter and more enjoyable business. And […]

5 things that you don’t know to digital marketing agency

Web agencies a.k.a digital marketing agencies have a diplomatic business identity, offering professional services, having a recognizable logo, and so on. But it’s not just that. Gathered a team of real professional, one real good digital agency surpasses our expectation and the things we’ve heard and surprises with numerous other benefits and professional services and […]