17 funny, entertaining and creative 404 pages

креативни 404 страници

Before we begin, we are going to explain what exactly is a 404 error to those who don’t know. This is a standard HTTP error code, which means that the address we are trying to reach can not longer be found on the server. In other words, the page has either been removed or moved, or we have typed the URL wrong.

You can not escape the possibility of getting this error. Even if you do everything right, it is quite possible for the user to type wrong your URL (for example, when in a hurry) and thus comes the 404. What you can do, however, is to create a creative and friendly 404 page on your website. Why?

The design of 404 pages is often underestimated and overlooked, but the frustration from getting is a good enough reason to make the user leave your website. Good and interesting design, creative and entertaining text, and attention to the users and the details can make them stay. 404 pages can act as both a mediator and a stimulus to stay on the website, as well as to predispose and to lighten up the mood. Of course, they are also a positive factor for your SEO campaign.

The well-created 404 pages contain information about the potential causes of the problem, tell users what to do next, and also a dose of humor, a pinch of creativity and a drop of uniqueness.

Our advice:

  • Emphasize on the humor;
  • Connect it to your brand and your policy;
  • Do not use clichés and too many (and long) information;
  • Focus on creativity, and also be informative.

To inspire you, we have prepared a list of 17 examples of entertaining and creative 404-page designs.

1. GitHub – This is one of our favorite! It is part of almost all similar lists and there is a reason for that. We also give it to GitHub – they know their audience well. The Saga is what we do love and the Force is what we do follow. There is no try.

404 страници

2. South West Trains – Great example of creativity tied to the brand identity.

creative 404 pages

3. The Useless Web Index – Laughter is the best medicine. And combined with a video of sweet meerkats trying to find the page you want to visit – how can you not to smile.

creative 404

4. Kualo – Avenge the Space Invaders for destroying the page you are looking for!

забавни 404 страници

5. Blue Fountain Media – here you can allow yourself some distraction with a short game of Pac Man. Great!

404 страници

6. Mint – the company has always shown its awesome creativity and this time they also do not disappoint

creative 404 pages

7. OrangeCoat – a great way to keep your users’ attention and entertain them

креативни 404

8. ModCloth – a witty and interesting page, combining good design, creative wordplay, and definitely leading to more sales

404 pages

9. Magnt – great and creative, demonstrating the wit of the company, but also informative and useful

magnt 404

10. Cloud Sigma – we know you can’t go wrong with a cat – being the Lords of the Internet

cat 404

The following 7 examples are done by us for different clients or partners. We will leave the evaluation and comment to you.

11. Our own 404 page – Tendrik

creative 404 pages

12. 404 page for the online shop for branded perfumery fragrances.bg

404 pages

13. 404 page for a personal blog

funny 404 pages

14. 404 page for a client of ours

404 page

15. 404 page for an online boutique for diamond jewelry

creative 404 pages

16. 404 page for the personal website of athlete Alexandar Komanov

funny 404 pages

17. 404 page for online jewelry boutique

creative 404 page

Amongst all the creativity, shown in mistakes, we ask you: Do you have a favourite 404 page? Which one?


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