Video Marketing – integral part of your digital strategy

In today’s dynamic communications world, a client’s attention is something that we need to...

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Remarketing: how to remind your customers of your business

To some extent, the internet spoiled customers a bit and changed their behavior. Clients now know...

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digital marketing by tendrik

Digital marketing. Again?

Yes, again. Because no matter how many times we talk about it being tightly connected to other...

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Bulgarian among the world's 10 most outstanding persons

Sofia Kalinova became one of the 10 Outstanding Young Persons of the World for 2015, beating a...

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How to rank first in Google search results: 4 best practices to follow

The definition for a successful modern business includes its above satisfactory presentation in an...

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Marketing by email – spam or a revenue source?

Thanks to online marketing, not only can businesses reach out to new clients, but they can also...

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Open Source Platforms And Why You Should Be Using Them

In recent years open source software has accumulated a steady fan base. Thus, it comes without any...

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The copywriter – forger of your online marketing strategy

The online business has reached a formidably high-speed development in the last few years,...

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What is SEO and How To Train it? by Tendrik.

What is SEO and how to train it?

Search engine optimization (a.k.a. SEO) is a determining factor for your website to appear in the...

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