Forever in history – the best advertising campaigns for 2017

Are you wondering which are the best ad campaigns for 2017th? Don’t worry, we have found them...

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The Most Popular Plugins for WordPress

One of the most commonly used platforms in the world, WordPress, offers extremely convenient and...

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5 SEO Trends that will dominate in 2018

  They say that if it is not on the first page on Google, it doesn’t really exist. Of...

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Crypto Conf 2018 Sofia

The first global Crypto Business Conference tour in Sofia

The first global Crypto Business and Blockchain Technology Conference in Bulgaria will take place...

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chatbot tendrik

How does the internet speak? The voice of chatbots

How does the internet speak? The voice of chatbots – the new trend in digital marketing...

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The most popular Ecommerce templates for 2017

More than half of modern consumers prefer to shop online rather than in a physical store. With...

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copywriting tips

5 easy tips for copywriters

5 easy tips for copywriters | Tendrik You must have at least a little bit of talent to create...

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5 things that you don’t know to digital marketing agency

Web agencies a.k.a digital marketing agencies have a diplomatic business identity, offering...

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Digital Marketing

8 things you must know about digital marketing

  Digital marketing is now a serious player in the business game, walking proudly amongst all...

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дигитален маркетинг

10 Creative Marketing Campaigns

One of the most important tasks every business faces is the very best presentation of its activity...

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